Testing Benefit Cosmetics / Hit or Miss?

Hello lovelies! I have always wanted to try some products from Benefit but I’ve honestly never wanted to spend the money as I knew I could get several items from another brand for the price of one item from Benefit. Luckily for me QVC did a one day deal for 6 full size items which are worth over £100 in total for £44! The deal was so good I had to get it – I was saving money and finally getting to try out some of the products that have a lot of hype over them.

The product that I am loving the most is the Gimme Brow. I got mine in the darkest shade since I dye my hair Black. At first I was surprised at how tiny the brush was but it does actually make sense. I love how this product makes my brows look, they look thicker, darker and natural. I love using a pomade when I do my brows but when you want your brows to look a little more natural then this is a product that will do that. Once it’s on, the product itself is water resistant and long wearing (it doesn’t budge at all) so this is definitely going to be in my holiday bag. 100% a hit. 

The next thing I got was the They’re Real! Mascara. I can see why this mascara is hyped so much. It makes my lashes look longer, separated. It is also really easy to apply, no mess, lasts all day. The brush itself is one of the only brushes that doesn’t scratch my eyes as I apply so that’s a definite plus. This is a hit product but I can’t see myself re-purchasing only because of the price, it is £20.50 in Boots and I have mascaras that I like just as much which are less than half the price. 

They’re Real! Double The Lip. I got this in the shade Pink Thrills which is like a barbie pink (if you know me then you’d know this is completely not the sort of colour I would wear). I like the formula of this lipstick, it is smooth, feels light, lasts well on the lips. I also really like the idea of the product, having the lip liner built into it is really cool and unlike anything else. If I had a different shade then I would probably get a lot more use out of it but I don’t want it to go to waste so I’ve put it on today and then layered it with another colour and that has worked out nicely! 

I then have the High Beam Highlighter. This is a hit, I love highlighters but I’m not usually keen on pink toned ones or liquid highlighters in particular but I feel differently about this one. The High Beam gives a really nice subtle dewy glow to your cheekbones, it looks really healthy and not in your face. On a day to day basis I usually go for a more blinding highlight but I’m definitely going to reach for this on days I need a more subtle glow or even for work this would be good. The packaging is also really cute, it literally looks like a nail varnish bottle and so does the applicator but again, it’s something different which makes it stand out. 

The very last thing I got from them (I also got a make up bag) is the Dallas bronzer & blusher. This has got to be a hit as well, I use it a soft contour and it gives you a really nice natural, fresh glow that really warms up your face. It is completely matte and very high in pigment. This is perfect for if you prefer something more natural, even if you just want a more ‘natural’ day, for holiday. It even smells like sun cream! The brush it comes with is actually really good to use when you are dusting it across your cheekbones although you have to go into it softly otherwise the brush produces a lot of kick back whereas if you use another brush such as the Real Techniques Contour Brush you don’t any kick back. It looks slightly lighter in the picture due to flash so take that into account. 

Overall I think it’s clear that these products from Benefit have been a massive hit, please let me know in the comments what you recommend from Benefit and I’ll be sure to check them out! 


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