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Morning Routine (skincare)

Hello lovelies! Recently I’ve gotten a lot more interested in looking after my skin and really wanting to help keep it hydrated and clear. I have very sensitive and dry skin so I have to take extra care in what I am putting on my face and body because if there is an ingredient in it that reacts badly to my skin then my eczema flares up so bad, it’s painful, looks ugly – no fun for anyone. 

I do want to be realistic with my routines, this is something I aim to do everyday but sometime it just doesn’t happen, you do less, you do more or sometimes you do none of it at all. I think that having a smaller amount to do in your routine will help you achieve it more often than if your routine is really long with lots of different steps. 

The first thing I do is moisturise my face with either Aveeno Cream, Nivea Soft or L’Oreal Hydra Genius Aloe Water even if my face doesn’t feel particularly dry I still do it as moisturising is SO SO SO important. Even if you don’t have dry skin you should still try to moisturise your skin it is a really important step in prepping your skin for the day, it will also make it more healthy and hydrated. The best cream I have ever used is Aveeno for this.

I then moisturise the rest of my body either with the Vaseline Intensive Care Essential Healing Moisturiser. This is a really nice moisturiser, it leaves my skin feeling really soft and hydrated. I then use the Inecto Naturals Little Helper Argan Hand & Nail Cream just to give my hands that little bit extra of help as I do get dry hands. 

What is your morning routine like? 



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