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Evening Routine (Skincare)

Hello lovelies! Last Friday I uploaded my morning routine so to follow up on that I am going share my evening routine. Again, I’m trying to be as realistic as possible, this is my routine 95% of the time but sometimes I don’t do as much or I do more.

My evening routine is slightly bigger than my morning routine. I tend to leave my make up on until just before I go to bed (which probably isn’t great) but I am just too lazy to do it beforehand. I remove my make up with either the Olay Facial Cleansing Gel which is amazing, all you need to do is wet your face with either your hand or a flannel then rub a small amount of the gel onto your face and the make up literally just melts off of you. Then you just get your flannel and wipe it off. It leaves your face feeling really fresh and by doing it this way you know that all the make up is really gone from your face.

The other way I take my make up off is with the Garnier SkinActive Micellar Oil-Infused Cleansing Water. I chose the Oil-Infused one because it said that it was for dry and sensitive skin and I thought that the oil in it would also be good for removing waterproof make up. This does remove my make up but I always have to follow it up with a toner because it doesn’t get rid of everything. I use the Olay 2in1 cleanser & toner for normal / dry / combo skin – to get rid of the remaining make up. I really like this toner as I feel extra clean plus it hasn’t caused my Eczema to flare up and has been really gentle on my skin.

If I am in the shower I again use the Olay Facial Cleansing Gel to remove my make up but then I use Simple Spot Cleaning – I don’t really get spots because my face is naturally quite dry but I always feel like this helps to prevent them anyway. A couple of times a week I use the Neutrogena Visibly clear Pore & shine In Shower Mask I think this is such a cool lil product, I like that it’s an in shower mask, you put it on for 60 seconds then keep your face in the steam of the shower which is how it works. My skin always looks really smooth and feels soft after using it.

I then use the L’Oreal Pure Clay Glow Scrub this is a really nice to exfoliate your face, I use this everyday as I get a really dry patch around my mouth / chin so this really helps to keep it down.

If I’m not using the Pure Clay Scrub then I use the Beauty Formulas With Activated Charcoal. I use this every Friday as it can only be used once a week. This exfoliates your face very deeply and helps to remove blackheads and unblock pores. 

The very last thing I do is moisturise my face with Nivea Soft, Aveeno or L’Oreal Hydra Genius Aloe Water. I use Nivea Soft if I don’t have much Aveeno as I prefer it over the Hydra Genius, my skin feels a lot more moisturised. I also moisturise my body with the Vaseline Intensive Care Moisturiser, which is formulated for dry skin so it is really good at giving that extra hydration your skin needs.

What is your evening skincare routine? 




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